Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reflector kit installation

I've just done business with Alex at Realtime Industries. I purchased a reflector kit for the FJR. He custom cuts the kit to fit the hard bags for sport-touring machines. His work and customer service are excellent.

Alex sells kits with additional graphics, and if you look at his products, the kits are available in either red (my choice) or the more popular "black" that reflects white/silver at night when headlights hit it.

Based on the pics below, you can see I chose plain old red. Some of you are going to think it's hideous. Too bold. Too loud. Let me explain my criteria.

In my opinion, these reflector kits are a safety device. They help people see you. Big, bright red reflector kits help people see you both DAY and NIGHT. The "black" kit does nothing for you during the day. For me, this is a disadvantage in Seattle where it's often gloomy, overcast, and generally grey.

My other issue with the "black" kits is that they're not really black. They're sort of a dark dark brown. They look even more brown when mounted on the FJR's dark black sidecases. It's an aesthetic thing. I'd rather have high contrast and high visibility than a poor color match with only night-time visibility advantages.

Again, we're back to personal choice. Here are the pics. As usual, click to make them larger.

Under my regular garage lighting. No flash.

No lighting in my closed garage. Light flash setting.