Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Accessory outlets

I installed accessory outlets in the FJR recently. They consist of one SAE socket on the left, one standard 'cigarette lighter' socket on the right, and a coaxial size N above the second "T" in "THAT". Here's a pic. Click to make it larger.

You can see I've put these outlets on/in the rear fender. I know some of you are surprised/confused by the location. Tucked up tight and close, there are no obvious connections or wires visible under the fender. You'd have to hold your head upside down to find them.

The purpose of these outlets is to provide power while the bike is standing still. They'll power my air pump, a spotlight, a cell phone. Basically whatever is needed for an non-standard situation. Well, except for the size N coaxial connector. Its purpose is to allow me to plug in my trickle charger. It's the same product and use as in a previous topic.

Here's a pic of the trickle charger plugged into the coaxial connector.

See, I don't plug add-on accessories into the front of the bike. If I have an accessory, it's wired directly and left permanently installed. Personal choice. I have no need for generic outlets in the front fairing. I hate floppy cables and their potential for becoming entangled in the controls.

Ok, but what about the location? What about all the water and road splash and garbage that will collect under there? Well, I used lots of heat shrink tubing. I taped the wires as the factory might, and besides, what happens under the hood of a car during a pouring rain? Same dirt, same amount of water, same environment. So I don't worry about it. The products are engineered to resist the problem.

Yeah, I kinda left that part out of the equation.... See, the SAE on the left is an exterior grade RV unit with nylon screws. The 'cigarette' on the right is marine grade. The coax in the middle is chromed brass. I didn't use cheezy products for the interior dash of a 72 Ford.

Electrically, they're all wired to an independent 15 amp fused circuit (unswitched).

Here are my sources:

SAE. It's about 2/3 down the page.
Cig lighter and cig lighter. Same product at different prices?
Coax from Radio Shack.

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