Monday, January 28, 2008

FJR - Farkle layout.

I've taken a bunch of pics of the complete control and farkle layout of the FJR. I'm going to reconsolidate them here and clean up one or two of the other articles. This version should be more complete and more visually descriptive. All these pics and ideas are just my way of doing things. They work for me. They're ideas and methods you might want to consider when it comes to making changes to your motorcycle, FJR or not. Here goes.

What comes to my left hand:
The focal point is the stealth garage door opener. It's velcroed to the hand guard and there's a tether from it to a bolt for a little more assurance it won't tumble and can't be removed easily.

Above it is the add-on control box for the cruise control (green and amber push buttons) and the Heat-troller for the heated hand grips. There's also an alarm blinkie. Obviously the bike has modified Suzuki V-Strom hand guards. (Common mod for FJRs).

The total installed package:
This is the usual configuration of farkles. Cell phone, Quest 2 GPS, iPod Shuffle, Boostaroo amp (helps extend the battery life of the iPod), and a set of custom moulded headphones (not in pic). Obviously the music stuff can be stuck in a my jacket pocket. I seldom use the iPod, but the cell phone works well with my Cardo Rider bluetooth very well.

Cardo Rider bluetooth set:

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