Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Warmnsafe heated jacket power.

Warmnsafe makes electrically heated gear, including a heated jacket liner. I have one and it's great.

As far as its use, there has to be a power source and that source has to be controllable. Otherwise you'd eventually bake. That's why Warmnsafe also makes their "Heat-troller". It's a time based switch that turns the electricity on and off to adjust the amount of heat a person gets. You can read all about it on their site if you want.

Warmnsafe sells a Heat-troller that's designed to leave a dangly wire and plug somewhere on the bike. Yeah, a wire, with a plug on the end. Dangling. Maybe I could stash it under the seat when it wasn't in use.

I don't think that makes for a very clean installation. So this is what I did. 99% of the time this will be completely out of the way. When the jacket is in use, I simply attach an 18" cable between the socket and the jacket. The wire passes along the top of my left leg.

This pic shows the coax connector in the center of the pic. Visually, it's no worse than the factory body panel screw below it. Above it, you can see the knob for the Heat-troller.

This is the Heat-troller control knob and the coaxial connector below it.

As usual, you can click on these pics to make them larger.

Oh, by the way. Warmnsafe uses coaxial size N connectors and jacks. Sound like there's something common going on here?

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