Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bad weather comfort

These ideas aren't the ultimate solution to bad weather riding. They're quick solutions to getting stuck in a sudden downpour or a surprising change in temperature. As usual, they're simple, cheap, and quick.

1) Get some surgical gloves. Latex or nitrile if you're allergic to latex. Carry a couple of pair inside a sandwich bag. Use a pair of them under your leather gloves when the temperature drops or it starts to rain. They'll provide several degrees of thermal protection (no wind) and they'll keep the dye from staining your hands when your gloves start to run from the rain.

2) When it starts to pour or get cold, pull into a quickie mart or some other retail establishment and ask for a large garbage bag. You know, one of those dark green or black things in the mega-gallon size. Cut a hole for your head and two holes for your arms. Put it on under your jacket and you'll stay warm and dry for the rest of the trip.

3) Find a WalMart, go to the camping section and buy a cheap rain suit. Last one I bought was only $8. Bright ugly yellow and it lasted long enough to make it home almost completely dry. Walmart also sells surgical gloves (or you can beg some off the deli staff if they have one.)

4) Sean G of Texas says it's helpful to get a couple of those chemical handwarmers in the camping/hunting section of WalMart too. He says sometimes they're a little bit of overkill, but that's much better than frozen fingers. They're cheap, disposable, and a potential lifesaver.

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