Saturday, April 7, 2007

TechMounts Accessory Mounts

Most sportbikes will accept TechMounts accessory mounts. These can be used to mount things like GPS units, cell phones, MP3 players, or whatever you want on a bike with limited real estate. Certainly bigger bikes will accept these mounts too. They're pretty common on BMWs, FJRs and STs. I use the 10991D (double plate stem mount) and the 31001 control mount. Because of the proximity of the windscreen to the bars on the R1, the 31001 needs a small modification to keep it from whacking the fairing at full left lock. Basically, the top bolt hole is slotted to allow for different sizes of controls, but the lower bolt hole is fixed and it makes the mount too tall to fit cleanly. I just added another hole at the bottom (just barely above the original) and everything clears nicely now. Detail pic below.

Here are a few pics on my R1. Click on any pic to get a larger image.

With common gear.

The mod to lower the 31001 away from the fairing at full lock.

More detail. Don't be afraid to use the backside.

And the answer to the garage door opener question from above.

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