Sunday, April 8, 2007

Farkles - quality, not quantity

Accessories are commonly called 'farkles' in the biz. It's generally believed that the word is a simplification of 'fucking sparkles'. Get used to the term because it's what we use. It's not derogatory.

It's pretty easy to go overboard when you first start farkling. Most farklers start with way too many goodies on their accessory mounts, and as time goes on, the number of toys tends to diminish. Before you buy accessory mounts, think hard about what your needs really are. Mount prices add up while real estate goes away. This is another time to consider your real needs and options.

An overkill pic for a gag. GPS, iPod Shuffle, personal cell, Nady comm radio, internet Blackberry, garage door opener. The Blackberry can be replaced by a 3" television (true). Excessive buttonocity.

A real world usage pic. GPS, cell, iPod Shuffle, garage door opener, room for the cruise controller if I decide to move it.

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