Sunday, April 8, 2007

Long Term Project - The Supersport Trailer.

As far as I can tell, my 04 R1 is the only one on the planet with a Givi top case on it. It's a pretty decent fab and it's worked nicely. I like the storage and it doesn't really seem to affect the bike in any significant way. But now I've got a wild hair up my ass. I want to build a trailer to tow behind the R1!

It will have to be low. It will have to be relatively narrow, it will have to be aerodynamic, and it will have to work behind the R1.

So here's the beginning of the R&D. Adding a frame and wheels to this is a no-brainer. Southwest Wheel sells independent spring units rated at 500# per pair. Frame it, mount it, and wheel it. Simple task.

Trouble is, what about the hitch? Automotive hitches won't give me the lean angles I expect from this project. I'm not building a Gold Wing, I'm building a gentleman's express. It has to be light, efficient, and responsive.

Engineering and design are underway. Framing has begun. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

As usual, pics. Click for more detail.

I should mention that this project is sitting in the garage since I sold the R1. I don't need a trailer with my FJR1300. I have enough storage and I don't travel 2-up. Anybody need the beginnings of a project in the Seattle area?


Anonymous said...

How about a u-joint in the neck of the hitch of your trailer for articulation?

motopacsman said...

I've actually considered that. Trouble is, most U-joints are a bit on the large size. I'm actually considering a rotating heim joint. Thanks for the idea!